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The LSCB and SAB have a joint Training Strategy which details:

  • How they quality assure training and training facilitators
  • Groups of practitioners and the level of training they require
  • Training objectives and competencies

You can download the LSCB & SAB Training Strategy here

All safeguarding children and/or adults training which has been quality assured by the Boards will display their logos

You can find a list of training facilitators who have been quality assured by the Boards here

The Boards also offer a programme of multi agency training, combining directed or face-to-face learning and e learning options.

You can download the current LSCB & SAB Training Programme here, and a training application form here

If you have any queries regarding safeguarding children and/or adults training; or want your organisation’s training or training facilitators quality assured, please contact the Safeguarding Boards’ Business Team here