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There are four types of Bullying :

  • Physical - for example, hitting, kicking, shoving, theft;
  • Verbal - for example, threats, name calling, racist or homophobic remarks;
  • Emotional - for example, isolating an individual from activities/games and groups of friends;
  • Cyber bullying - the use of technology to bully others - for example, bullying via text messages or the internet.

Some forms of bullying may involve criminal activity and should be reported to the police. These include:

  • Violence or assault
  • Theft
  • Repeated harassment or intimidation such as threats or abusive phone calls, emails, or text messages
  • Hate crimes: incidents based on race, religion, gender identity, sexuality, disability, or other difference

Your school will have an acceptable behaviour policy in place which includes bullying. You should be able to see your school’s acceptable behaviour policy. School staff must also protect you from discrimination, harassment and victimisation at school.

Anti Bullying Alliance website for further information